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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I protect my work?

2 How does copyright work?  

3 How much will it cost?

4 I want to upload more than one file. What do I do?

5 Do you read my material?

6 Is it safe to upload my material via the internet?

7 Is it safe to pay by credit card?

8 What happens to my work when I submit it to you? 

9 What types of material can be registered with you? 

10 Can registered material be added to or updated? 

11 Can I send material to you by post?

12 Will I be reminded when it's time for my material to be renewed? 

13 Can I register Worldwide?  

14 What do I do once I have registered?

15 Can material be withdrawn or removed from the Registry? 

16 I live outside of the United Kingdom. Can I register my work with you?

17 Do I need to register with the WCA?

18 What happens if I am involved in litigation proceedings?

19 Who are you?

20 What happens if you cease trading or are taken over?

21 How can I contact you?


 Copyright Information for writers:
Everything you need to know about copyright explained

Copyright Law

 The Berne Convention
 US Copyright Law


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 An Overview of Film Financing
 Convert Your Currency

  How do I protect my work?
Three easy steps:

Remember, the longer you wait to register your work, the more you have to lose.  You MUST register it as early as possible for the greatest protection.

Fill in the form with your contact details and select the duration of your copyright protection.

Enter your payment details via our secure server.
  1. Select and upload your file.
    Instant confirmation and a serial number will be sent to you via email.

That's it. The whole process takes five minutes. If you wish to PROTECT YOUR WORK, click here now.

Upon registration, we will provide you with a unique serial number which should be applied to the frontpage of your script or other literary work.As a neutral third party, registering with us not only gives you protection for your intellectual work, it also serves as a deterrent to those who show potential interest in your work. Our service provides the registrant with date creation of intellectual material. Please read our terms and conditions for more information. Please be aware that registration does not protect titles (ie names) of screenplays, books, teleplays and the like.

  How does copyright work?
In the UK, as in most countries, a document, work, or creative project is automatically copywritten upon the day of creation by virtue of its creation. By placing the author's name, date and the word 'copyright' or the legally accepted symbol "©" along with date of creation, this is in effect, declaring the copyright of an author's work. It does not protect you in case of litigation. And the old method of posting yourself a copy of your work through registered or recorded delivery is proving less reliable. Written, documentary evidence of date and time of registration is the only full-proof satisfactory way you can be sure your work is ultimately and safely protected.

Submitting & Registering your work online with us is the fastest and most convenient way to do this.

  How much will it cost?
Protecting your work with us is easy and costs are minimal. For the nominal fee of  £5 per year, your work will be stored and protected (minimum of 5 years per work). We'd like the service to be free, however the small costs involved go to running overheads of the WCA as we are not sponsored by any governmental agencies.  We think you will agree this is a small price to pay for protection of your work and piece of mind.


10 years






























*Note: Prices may vary according to current rate of exchange.

CLICK HERE to convert your currency.

  I want to upload more than one file. What do I do?
After providing your personal details on the REGISTRATION page, you are taken to the upload page. Here, you can add a document by clicking the "Upload A Document" button. Each time you upload a file, you return to the upload page and can upload another document. Continue in this fashion as many times as you wish, then click "Proceed To Checkout" to finalise your registration.

  Do you read my material? 
No. Your registered work is not read by any of our employees. 

  Is it safe to upload my material via the internet?
Yes. When you upload your material via our website, you are uploading in a secure and totally safe environment

  Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Yes.  When you are taken to our payment gateway, your credit card details are processed by Worldpay in a secure and safe environment. 

  What happens to my work when I submit it to you? 
Submitted work is stored in our private and secure vault where it is untouched until requested by the author or in the case of any litigious proceedings.

  What types of material can be registered with you? 
Any computer file can be registered. We mainly focus on literary work for film and television, though we also provide registration for books, poems (note: a maximum of ten poems may be registered as a single file), artwork, lyrics, teleplays, gameshows, storyboards, animations and cartoons, web pages etc. Please note that registration with us does not protect titles, nor does it protect ideas.

  Can registered material be added to or updated? 
No. The primary purpose of registration is to establish the completion date of your original work. Once material is registered, the file cannot be changed in any way. New drafts should be registered when significant additions have been made. You do not need to re-register if minor corrections have been made. 

  Will I be reminded when it's time for my material to be renewed? 
No, you must re-register your work when it expires. Material submitted online is stored in two separate and securely encrypted locations to ensure complete protection. 

  Can I register Worlwide?
Yes, you can.  We now offer a worlwide copyright registery for one low price (minimum term is 10 years).  If you are planning on sending your work to a country other than your own, you should choose this option.  It also represents the best value for money.

  What do I do once I have registered?
 Once you have registered your work with us, your should clearly apply your registration number to the frontpage of your work. We advise the copy to read as follows: WCA  #A100001.
 Can material be withdrawn or removed from the Registry? 
No, the deposited material cannot be returned to the writer without defeating the purpose of registration. It is therefore important to always retain a separate copy of the material being registered. 
  I live outside of the United Kingdom. Can I register my work with you?
Yes. Registering with us still provides you with proof of date creation no matter where you live.  If you live in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, the Far East or the Middle East, you can still register your work with us.  We now also offer a Worldwide Copyright registration for one low price, or a service local to your country. Payment is taken in Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.  However, no matter where you live, you can still pay by credit card. Your bank will give you the best rate of exchange.
  Do I need to register with the WCA?  
We advise everyone to register their work with us. This is the most effective way to ensure your work is protected, and registering with the WCA UK, creates a separate legal record for your material which is pursuant to UK laws. In addition, you may consider registering treatments or drafts of your work-in-progress with our Registry.
  What happens if I am involved in litigation proceedings?  
If necessary, a Registry employee may produce registration information or material as evidence if legal or official guild action is initiated. Please note: Duplicates of online registrations will not be in paper form. Your online registration will be returned to you in an electronic format (CD) and sent via certified mail. 
  Who are you?
Due to high demand, the WCA was set up by a team of writers and lawyers to ensure that intellectual property in the UK is properly protected against theft and plagiarism. We are a limited company and are run and managed by a team of dedicated individuals who understand the needs of writers.

  What happens if you cease trading or are taken over?
In the unlikely event that the WCA ceases trading, we guarentee to keep records intact until the expiry period of your registration. Any change in management will not affect your registration in any way at all. 

  How can I contact you?
Please send us an email.

  Can I send material to you by post?

If you can, we prefer paperless submissions sent electronically.  This reduces our and your paperwork.  If you do not have access to a computer or a credit card, or your file exceeds our upload limit, you can send your file to us on CD or DVD via normal postage with a cheque or money order made out to WCAUK Ltd. Post to our UK office: WCAUK, Ealing Film Studios, Ealing W5 5EP UK.  Be sure to include all of your contact details.

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Please note that the WCA does not verify the originality or authenticity of the material, make comparisons of registration deposits, provide any statutory protections, nor give legal advice.

The WCA Script and Intellectual Property Registration Service was launched in response to requests from screenwriters looking for a safe, secure and trusted means of establishing ownership rights over their work. The service has been designed to enable screenwriters to establish a date of registration, effectively copyrighting their work and so providing defence against any future ownership challenges.