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  About Screen Writing
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Script Doctor

UK Script Doctor
In depth analysis, suggestions, options and constructive criticism on your script by an experienced, professional UK based screenwriting consultant.


Clients have sold to WB, DreamWorks, Working Title, BBC, A Band Apart, Miramax, and New Line, among others and have won prestigious competitions such as the Slamdance Competition and Nicholl Fellowship.


About Screenwriting

Author Network
Resources for writers, including links, articles, monthly columns and publishing advice.

The Daily Script  
Multipurpose site dedicated to scripts and scriptwriting. Can download large number of scripts arranged alphabetically by title and located at various sites. Holds information on writing screenplays, available criticism on scripts, writers on the net and also provides a links page.

Done Deal
Site holds 'The Latest news on Script and Pitch Sales in Hollywood.' Also holds information on agencies, past script sales, interviews, writing reference books, FAQ, examples of contracts, outlines, treatements etc and advice. Provides details of screenplay contests. Quick and easy-to-use design.

Euro Screen Writers
Contents include the European Screenwriter Database, news, interviews, and funding opportunities for aspiring and professional screenwriters across Europe. Entry to the database is currently free.

Final Draft
Specifically designed for writing movie scripts, TV episodes and stage plays, Final Draft combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting in one self-contained, easy-to-use package. 

Site set up by Matt Damon and Ben Afflick to support aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers. With the support of HBO and Miramax, the site is running a competition for a film script which will be made with Damon and Afflick. Terms and conditions are included and participant poll on favourite films, actors etc. Also includes option to review films.

Proper Treatment
Article written by Terry Rossio (writer of Shrek, Small Soldiers) on writing treatments. Includes links to sample treatments of Aladdin, Godzilla, and The Mask of Zorro.

Provides access to 'RoughDraft' a freeware word processor package specifically designed for writers of play and screenplays (and stories and novels). Aims to be a non-nonsense writing tool, practical and straightforward.

Scr(i)pt Magazine:
The Screenwriter's magazine covering the business and craft of writing for film.

Interviews and articles about the craft and business of screenwriting with over one hundred free feature scripts in correct screenplay format available for download.

So You Wanna Sell A Script
Site designed to help writers improve & market their screenplays to industry professionals looking for new material.

Screen Daily
The UK trade magazine on-line.

Spec Script Library
Established in 1997 the Spec Script Gallery aims to 'connect those who write scripts with those who source scripts.' Create a profile then post as many synopsis or loglines for your scripts as you wish. The database can be searched by genre, country of origin, keyword, as well as scripts ready for production.

Useful site that includes the 'columns' - useful information and advice on aspects of screenwriting (for Hollywood), as well as 'letters' - which adds more specific advice. Also includes features written by professional screenwriters, and film and writing forums with a searchable archive.

Holds information and provides advice and guidance to writers working in film, TV, radio and theatre. Users need to subscribe and then receive information on career and training opportunities. Operates as an interface between writer and producer and helps writers negotiate within the industry. Also provides option to obtain guides, reports and articles.

Training/Courses/Schools /Consultant

Well respected and excellent hands on UK course covering all aspects of film production including: screenwriting, directing, camera, sound, lights etc.

The UK's number one indie film festival and training organisation since 1992.  Great website with loads of resources of filmmakers.  Offers great seminars, training courses and other filmic events.

ScreenLab 2002 teaches key skills needed to analyse and fix treatments and scripts, with the latest theory and practice, in-depth discussion of development issues, hands-on exercises in treatment and script analysis and practical workshops in creative collaboration

Scriptnote gives notes on treatments of up to 60 pages and screenplays of up to 160 pages. Also includes telephone follow-up service.



Colin's Movie Monologue Page 
Multitude of movie monologues.

Drew's Script-O-Rama 
index of movie scripts available on the Internet.

Hollywood Script Readers' Digest
showcases synopses of unproduced screenplays and TV series proposals.

INFlow's Screenplay Repository

iScript Movie Screenplay Database
provides links to hundreds of screenplays.

London Screenwriters' Workshop[United Kingdom] 
provides online assistance as well as a programme of events aimed at new writers.
reviews, previews, news, scripts, and more.

MNemonic Turf: The Movie Turf
offers film and television scripts. 

screenplay 451
formatted, zipped and ready to download as a Word for Windows document.
compiles links to film scripts of various genres. 
offers movie and TV transcripts.

Scripts on the Net 
collection of movie scripts available on the net.

Simply Scripts
screenplays, transcripts, and partial scripts of old, current and soon to be release movies. 

Square Magazine
fiction, screenwriting, and poetry showcase.

Lists screenwriting competitions and their deadlines and allows you to send in or read comments on competitions. The WinningScripts section details prize winning scripts and you can also subscribe to the free newsletter which has contest deadlines, or opt to pay for their Who'' Buying What service which profiles producers, agents and executives and their tastes.

Internet Script Database
Over 500 hundred scripts feature in this free online database, ranging from early drafts to shooting scripts.

Interviews and articles about the craft and business of screenwriting with over one hundred free feature scripts in correct screenplay format available for download.

Screenwriters Store Film Scripts
Download PDF versions of what promises to be a growing number of screenplays. Current site favourites include:  Chinatown, Witness, Memento, and Die Hard. Site has a script request function.

Provides alphabetical list of scripts available on line with details of type of script, eg.Shooting Draft, Revised Script, Directors' Revision, plus size of script for downloading, and website address. Provides transcripts of the film plus the original script for certain titles, so differences can be seen. 

Script Postings / Competitions
Get your screenplay more exposure at  Provides a searchable database for industry professionals to find exactly what they are looking for.

Player Playwrights
Set up in 1948 as a co-operative for writers, the Player Playwrights meet every Monday evening in London for discussion and acted performances of members' stage plays, TV sitcoms, feature screenplays, radio dramas, shorts, and sketches.

Public Domain
If you're considering a literary adaptation this site searches its many databases and will let you know if the material is in the public domain. The advanced search facility allows you to search by country. Full texts of public domain material is available to download.

Screenwriters' Page
A site for networking with other writers. You can put your script on-line, join mailing lists and read industry newsletters. Includes advice for beginners.

Scriptapalooza runs annual screenplay and TV Script competitions with cash prizes. Prize winning scripts are promoted to the industry.

The Script Factory
The Script Factory's own site outlining the history, services and rationale of this London-based script development organisation. Focusing on training and entertainment by staging live readings of new screenplays, as a tool for writers and as a development opportunity, The Script Factory also runs a programme of discussion/workshop/masterclass events including SCENE, an annual festival of screenwriting.

Script Sales
"The Latest News On Script & Pitch Sales in Hollywood" proclaims the site heading. Site contains agents listing, script deals (including information on writer, title, logline, genre, agent, buyer, and sometimes price) dating back to 1997, production company listing and further screenwriting resources.

Script Shark
Send a registered script or treatment to ScriptShark and pay for either coverage or story notes - which are then posted to you. If the coverage report is a 'consider' or 'recommend', your script can then be posted on iFILMpro's SpecMarket - a service available to over 20,000 industry subscribers. If your script is a 'recommend' Script Shark will 'proactively try to set you up with an agent to start submitting your work to the studios and/or production companies.'

Scriptunities is a free monthly guide to competitions, script calls and other script opportunities in the UK and Europe. Subscribe to a monthly mail out or examine the web edition.

Shooting People

A free daily email digest, moderated by The Script Factory in collaboration with Shooting People, concerned with screenwriting. A way for writers to find collaborators, hear about script competitions and debate legal, ethical and story questions. To join, send a blank email to


Membership is free and allows you to send a script, design or score in for review by other members - on the condition that you also agree to review their work.

Trade Organisations

Alliance of Literary Societies
UK Authors, Poets, Literary Societies and Connections

British Academy of Film & Television Arts ö Trade Organisation

British Film Institute
Fully comprehensive site covering all aspects of the film industry.

Directors' Guild of Great Britain
The UK trade organisation for professional directors.

Film Council
The FILM COUNCIL was set up to work with the public and private sector to make film an essential part of the UK's creative economy and to create the environment for a sustainable and vibrant film culture. The FILM COUNCIL aims to nurture excellence and innovation in the UK industry, and to promote innovation, diversity and social inclusion.

New Producers Alliance
The NPA is the national membership and training organisation for independent new producers.

Founded in 1991, PACT - the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television - has established itself as the only trade association in the UK representing independent television, feature film, animation and new media production companies.

Scottish Screen
Scottish Screen develops, encourages and promotes every aspect of film, television and new media in Scotland. Working with the Scottish Executive, their  mission is to establish Scotland as a major screen production centre and project our culture to the world. 

Writer's Guild Great Britain  
The organisation for professional writers in the UK


Talent Circle
An excellent free service for new and emerging filmmakers and artists. It was developed and created by new and emerging filmmakers and artists to answer the needs of the filmmaking community after extensive research. Highly recommended.

Internet Movie Database
The most comprehensive database in the world listing movies, actors, filmmakers and much much more.
A web-database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities, featuring jobs, film market, classified ads and much more.

The Lunch Club
The Lunch Club meets once a month or more in convivial surroundings with guest speakers at well organised lunches. The aim of the club is to provide an informal forum for the frank exchange of ideas, news, views and collaboration between a broad based membership of persons within the Film, Television and related Media Industries.

Cover Script
Help for the Screenwriter and script coverage for Producers, Studios and Agents. Reasonable rates from an experienced analyst.

Film Casting
A leading casting resource for those seeking experienced, professional UK actors.

Yococo Organic Coconut Water
Yococo Organic Coconut Water was created by our founder, Jonathan Newman. Check it out!

Information on Linking

We try to maintain an up to date list of excellent resources for writers.  Should you wish to link to our site, please email us your details.  If you would like to add our URL to your site, please email us.